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Daily Archives: July 15, 2021

Five easy tricks to teach your dog

Crufts may be cancelled this year but there’s always still time for puppy training! No need for expensive puppy classes, we’ve spoken to Ali Smith, professional dog trainer at Rebarkable, a dog training company based in Maryland, USA. Ali, who is originally from Basildon, Essex,

Natural source of relief for long-term ailments

First formulated in 1922, Matol/Univera Km and Km Kaps combine 13 alpine herbs, roots, berries, seeds and minerals to offer a natural source of relief for long-term ailments, increased enthusiasm and rejuvenated concentration. Austrian inventor Karl Jurak originally developed the Km drink as a remedy

Seven items banned from hand luggage

As travel restrictions gradually begin to ease passengers are being warned to ensure they don’t fall foul of hand luggage banned items. Experts at International Citizens Insurance warn that although taking on only hand luggage may reduce flight prices, not fully reading the restrictions issued