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Daily Archives: July 21, 2021

Manchester company wins deal for “groundbreaking” project

A Manchester firm has been boosted after securing a major contract for a “globally-significant” development. Smart energy service provider Q Energy clinched the predictive maintenance and performance monitoring deal for Europe’s largest battery storage project with the 100-megawatt (MW) system switched on by Shell in

Don’t ditch the dairy: Tablets to soothe stomach

Leaving Lactose provides the perfect solution to the most common intolerance in the world. At a time when people pick dairy-free just to avoid pain, Leaving Lactose brings great taste and peace of mind back into people’s lives. Most people may think bloating is a necessary sacrifice but

Dog Breeds That Will Make You Laugh The Most, YouTube Study Reveals!

Studies revealed that watching videos of our furry friends can relieve stress, due to positive social interactions, it’s no surprise social media is swamped with them. Interested in this, the pet insurance experts at investigated to reveal which dog breed ranks as the funniest. analysed 419* different