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Daily Archives: July 9, 2021

Venezuelan thrash titans ‘Overhate’ release new video

Venezuelan thrash titans ‘Overhate’ have today released new video for ‘The Penance And The Lesson’, a monstrous and hard-hitting depiction of luck, fate, frustration and aggression, as they furiously navigate the waves of thrash, death, technical and progressive metal: “‘The Penance and the Lesson’

New Secrets of the London Underground series on Yesterday channel

Did you know that…: 35 metres below the surface at Holborn is an abandoned platform that is now used to trial new platform furniture? A disused station at Aldwych is where the Elgin Marbles were hidden during the war? We meet the man who drove the last Aldwych train? These secrets and more are revealed in a

Shark Week 2021: Data reveals the top rated shark movies!

Shark Week thrashes onto our screens next week (11th – 18th July), with a jam-packed schedule of documentaries, movies and more lined up. In celebration of these misunderstood creatures, sought to identify our favourite shark movies of all time by collecting the average ratings of the 50 most popular titles