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World First Covid Health Passport Unveiled in Manchester

Today, the Dental Surgery in Salford welcomes the world’s first Vhealth passport, it will be issued to enable every individual to validate their Covid-19 status. This protocol is also to be replicated to allow people to travel safely on public transport and airlines, as well as to

Greater Manchester to house to world’s largest liquid air battery

government awards £10 million for cutting-edge electricity storage facility, creating 200 jobs and helping better harness green energy generated by UK renewables CryoBattery to bring greater flexibility to UK’s energy grid, by storing enough electricity to power 200,000 homes smart battery technology uses liquid air

Chancellor urges nation to support their high streets

Chancellor visits retailers reopening their doors in Yorkshire to see measures being taken to keep staff and customers safe the retail sector overall employs more people than any other sector, meaning high streets will be vital as the country recovers from the virus The Chancellor

Data charges removed for websites supporting victims of crime

The UK’s major telecoms companies have agreed their customers’ mobile phone data won’t be used up if they’re seeking information and support online. Zero-rating these websites is the latest in a series of commitments from the telecoms industry to support vulnerable people during the pandemic.