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Daily Archives: June 22, 2021

Bath Bombs Comedy Club lands at Victoria Baths

Bath Bombs Comedy Club is presenting a night of live comedy at Victoria Baths on Wednesday 25 August featuring some incredible acts from the international circuit. Taking to the Gala pool will be Seann Walsh, Fern Brady and Felicity Ward in a night held together

From surfboard designer to saving the NHS making PPE

Growing up in a family of creatives Josh was surrounded by inventiveness from a young age. Unlike most 10-year-olds who idolised sports stars and superheroes, Josh instead became fascinated by their armour – the kit and the tools they used to conquer their opponents. It

Introducing the glasses that prevent digital eye strain

In this digital age, with screens everywhere, digital eye strain is becoming a serious concern. That’s where Foxmans’ glasses can help. The blue light emitted from digital screens can lead to migraines, screen headaches, strained eyes and insomnia. An effective solution is the blue-light blocking


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