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UK Public Rallies to Support Charities with Last Month Hitting Record For Contactless Donations

New data from GoodBox, the fintech revolutionising how we give, shows charitable donations are at new high as the country reopens and the UK public rallies to support non-profits across the UK. Last month (May 2021) was a record for donations with more raised across the network of contactless devices than ever before. The figures showed donations had more than doubled compared to May 2019 and was 10% higher than the previous record in December 2020. The fintech’s range of digital fundraising tools and award-winning contactless technology are used by museums, charities, religious organisations, theatres, retailers and many other organisations to reach new donors, raise more funds for incredible causes and tell their stories more vividly.

These trends mirror a recent white paper produced by GoodBox, Charities and Coronavirus: Weathering the Storm which shows that during a recession, charitable giving often increases due to an increase in more of the UK public giving in smaller amounts.

Since its inception in 2016, GoodBox has developed a portfolio of cutting-edge contactless and digital fundraising solutions and now has thousands of devices across the UK. Thanks to the generosity of the UK public, GoodBox has reached two key milestones, 1 million individual donations and over £6m in donations raised for their charity partners.

GoodBox Co-Founder & Managing Director Francesca Hodgson says: “It is amazing to see the generosity of the UK public especially during such a difficult economic period and we are delighted to see so many of charity partners benefitting from this.

Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that charities have access to our innovative tools to help them access new donors and raise funds without having to rely on just cash donations and these new milestones show just how impactful and important are solutions are.”