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Daily Archives: June 3, 2021

GIGI Studios present new TEENS eyewear collection

GIGI Studios are proud to present TEENS, their new eyewear collection created especially for teenagers and slim-faced adults. This pioneering new category is a reflection of the brand’s eclectic, avant-garde nature in a smaller-sized version. Modern designs conceived to meet the expressive requirements of a

Bradford campus dig reveals Victorian street

First year archaeology students at the University of Bradford uncovered a Victorian street running through their campus. The discovery follows the recent launch of a new BA Heritage and Archaeology course at the university. Dr Cathy Batt, Head of the School of Archaeological & Forensic

Starving seagulls turn on binmen

Flying rats, pests, vermin… seagulls don’t get the best press – but their savage attacks on bewildered binmen have sealed their reputation. Refuse collectors across the UK are reporting being dive-bombed by starving gulls, desperate to get their talons on morsels of food. It sounds


ISAWITFIRST have always prided themselves on being pioneers: first by name, first by nature. The first fashion brand to launch a solo collection with a black female Influencer are now adding another ‘first’ to their credentials. Proud to announce it is the first ecommerce fashion

Young People Work Together to Stamp Out Hate Speech

The Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, in partnership with the Interfaith Alliance for Safer Communities and Yala Young Leaders, hosted a virtual conference on hate speech on addressing rising levels of the problem in society. The workshop aimed to educate youth on the different