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FEEL.MOVE.BE help women fall in love with their body through movement, breathing and self-expression. Offering three unique packages, Vanessa and her team are here to help you improve your life through movement.

Make Your Body Your Best Ally: Ideal for women who feel their body is holding them back from their true potential in life. This 8-week online program in the comfort of your own home will give you all the support you need to reset your relationship with your body and life. Learn personalized exercises with “hands on” corrections and advice from Vanessa. Agree your goals (short and long term) and check on your progress regularly to make sure you are going to the right direction.

Gold Programme: Are you dealing with a specific condition such as chronic pain, and feel that pain is stopping you from living your life at the fullest? You are not alone anymore. These private hour-long sessions on 12 months with Vanessa in the comfort of your own home will give you all the support you need to re-gain control over your body and life.

The Wake Up Strategy: If you get up in the morning tired, feel anxious or overwhelmed by your responsibilities (job, family..), are surrounding by technology, your body has started to breakdown: niggling pain in your shoulders and neck, regular headaches, restricted movement, and you feel disconnected with yourself, always on the edge, this programme can change that. A partnership between you and our team to help you reset your body and your mind through 3 habits to implement in your life: Listen, Connect and Move.