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Introducing the glasses that prevent digital eye strain

In this digital age, with screens everywhere, digital eye strain is becoming a serious concern. That’s where Foxmans’ glasses can help.

The blue light emitted from digital screens can lead to migraines, screen headaches, strained eyes and insomnia. An effective solution is the blue-light blocking computer glasses. The Foxmans frames block HEV blue-light emission from all of your digital screens, keeping you protected both whilst working and playing online.

Prescriptions can be added to any of the Foxmans frames in both everyday and heavy duty lenses, customise frames to exact requirements. For those near-sighted, they also offer a range of reading glasses available in a range of magnifications. Some of the most popular styles include the following:

McCartney computer glasses – everyday lens (blue frame) from: £25.00
Harrison computer glasses – everyday lens (crystal frame) from: £25.00
Lennon computer glasses – everyday lens (black) from: £25.00

Foxman frames lenses have been thoroughly tested in a laboratory to ensure they meet the highest quality of blue-light blocking lenses. They have chosen only the most stylish and lightweight frames which are durable and comfortable. They do not want anyone to sacrifice style for protection.