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Bioglan Superfoods powders to support immunity, digestion, energy and more this winter

All the way from Australia, Bioglan Superfoods’ range of tasty blends are landing in Waitrose this October to help us all get a superfood boost into our shopping basket and our daily diet. As one of the biggest buzz words in recent years, superfoods can be defined as those with a high vitamin and mineral concentration, meaning that a little goes a long way when it comes to looking after our precious bodies.

The Bioglan Superfoods range includes five tasty powder blends: Superberries, Supergreens, Digestive Boost, Organic Cacao Boost and Organic Green Boost, plus two additional protein blends, formulated to support various common health concerns and ensure that all nutritional needs are met. The high vitamin and mineral content found in superfoods can help your body to ward off illnesses, fatigue and promote feeling healthier all over. When incorporated into a well-balanced diet, superfoods including berries, cacao, turmeric and spirulina can promote heart health, contribute to healthy weight loss, improve energy levels and help keep skin glowing and hair and nails strong.

Born out of the Aussie trend for eating colourful meals such as acai bowls and super green salads, the Bioglan Superfoods range is easy to make part of your daily routine. Simply pop a few teaspoons into a smoothie, sprinkle on breakfast or use in a recipe – it’s never been easier or tastier to get much needed minerals and vitamins into a diet and fortify your body throughout the day.

As previous winner of the Boots Wellness award, the immune boosting Superberries blend contains a whole host of antioxidant-rich superfood ingredients blended to provide both a convenient and tasty product to strengthen fragile immune systems, including Vitamin C which is known to deplete when we are stressed and acai, proven to give the gut a helping hand. Another winner, Digestive Boost, is an ideal all-in-one product containing turmeric, the active compound of which, curcumin, is considered a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, great for the gut and for all-over wellness.

With over 25 years of experience, the team at Bioglan Superfoods know that being healthy is about eating well, not counting calories. After all, it’s important to make the calories count by consuming nutritionally rich ingredients every day.