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The Studio Creator 360 Video Maker Kit: Redefining Digital Content Creation for Young Innovators

The Studio Creator 360 Video Maker Kit is part of Canal Toys’ thriving Studio Creator range, empowering young creators to produce professional-quality digital content with ease. From dance videos to vlogs, baking tutorials to unboxings, and everything in between, Studio Creator is revolutionizing the way aspiring influencers and digital content creators express themselves.

Designed to unlock the full potential of young creators, this comprehensive kit offers everything needed to produce exceptional video content, all in a user-friendly package. Easy to set up and enjoyable to use, it provides a seamless experience for creating unique, professional-looking videos from any location.

With the Studio Creator 360 Video Maker Kit, creators can capture content like never before. Simply download the specially designed app to your smartphone and watch as the 25cm LED ring light tracks your face, ensuring optimal lighting and framing as you move. Whether recording videos for later editing or streaming live, this kit offers unparalleled flexibility and versatility.

The Studio Creator 360 Video Maker Kit is an ideal companion for influencers, vloggers, aspiring actors, football freestylers, and individuals passionate about creative expression. As part of Canal Toys’ esteemed Creator range, which includes the Photo Creator Instant Camera and So Chill, it has swiftly earned favour among young creators, cementing Canal Toys’ reputation as a pioneering force in the retail industry.

Product Description: Experience unparalleled content creation with the Studio Creator 360 Video Maker Kit! Utilize the specially designed app on your smartphone to witness the 25cm LED ring light effortlessly tracking your movements, allowing for optimal recording whether you’re shooting for later editing or streaming live. The kit comes complete with a green screen for customizable backgrounds, and the versatile tripod offers extra height and flexibility, making it suitable for any aspiring influencer, vlogger, budding actor, football freestyler, and more.
Contents: 1 Colour LED ring light (25cm), 1 Motion detect 360 device, 1 Tripod (1m), 1 Phone holder and 1 Green screen (150x100cm)
Target Audience: 8+ years old
RRP: £39.99
Retails: Amazon, Smyths, Argos & Very.