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Monthly Archives: January 2022


International LEGO Day is almost here and despite being nearly 70 years old, the iconic brand is still one of the most popular toy choices in the UK. In a recent survey from, the home of competitively priced toys, games and collectibles, LEGO came

New podcast to explore post-Covid HR challenges

A new podcast aimed at helping businesses and employees cope with HR challenges in a post-Covid world will launch this week. HR Unpacked is a collaboration between experts from the University of Salford Business school and HR consultancy firm Peninsula, seeking to discuss and share

Beware Of Bad Breath This Valentines Day

Bad breath is estimated to affect 1 in 4 people globally and is a deal-breaking oral health issue to stop seeing someone. According to research, 68% of respondents stopped dating someone because of the partner’s bad teeth or foul breath. Dentist and The Humble Co.

Krabby Patty is Most Popular TV Recipe

The Krabby Patty from SpongeBob SquarePants is the TV recipe that most people want to make at home, new research has revealed. The study by kitchen experts Maxima Kitchen Equipment analysed the number of views for recipe videos that recreated dishes from TV shows on

Mental Health Check-In Day for Tradespeople

As the nation was forced to spend more time at home due to sequential periods of lockdown, the past year and a half has seen an unprecedented increase in home renovations, with 4 in 5 homeowners spending their money on improving their home according research