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Daily Archives: January 20, 2022

ClickASnap Shares Users Most Profitable Photos

Photo-sharing platform ClickASnap has published its most profitable photos. ClickASnap is the only photo-sharing site in the world that pays its users. It became a multi-million-pound business during 2021 with people seeking out extra ways to earn money, sharing their photos and receiving money back

TG Lynes Celebrating Landmark Anniversary

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of heating, plumbing and air movement materials to trade customers will celebrate its 110th anniversary in 2022. TG Lynes – which has its head office, trade counter and distribution centre all based in Enfield – is planning a series

How Brits are Staying Younger for Longer

Cosmetic surgery has evolved significantly over the past few years. We have stepped away from dramatic surgeries that create vast changes in our appearances, and instead are now opting for regenerative treatments that enhance our look using more natural substances. These regenerative treatments have become


‘Loyalty penalties’ have been ripping off loyal customers for years, reveals vehicle finance company Carvine. Instead of offering better prices for their existing customers, most have faced higher premiums despite their circumstances and “risk” factors not changing. But the biggest surprise comes from an example