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Searches for ‘Pantsuit’ explode by 455% after Stella McCartney pantsuit for Minnie Mouse is announced

Analysis of Google search by fabric experts, Dalston-Mill Fabrics found that new data reveals that online searches for “Pantsuit” exploded 455% worldwide on the 27th of January, after the announcement that Minnie Mouse will wear a pantsuit by Stella McCartney in the Disneyland Paris 30th birthday celebrations.

It will pay homage to International Women’s History month and be a symbol of progression for a new generation, the British designer has said. The announcement has influenced and created an explosion of people searching worldwide for the style.

A spokesperson for Dalston-Mill Fabrics commented on the findings: “It’s exciting to see the collaboration of such two iconic names come together for Disneyland Paris’ 30th birthday celebrations. The statement of the pantsuit will be an iconic symbol for Women’s history month and has influenced women worldwide into searching for their own pantsuit. It’s fascinating to see how much of an impact Disney still has on the new generations, as well as the older generations.”