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Research reveals which crypto transaction fees have increased the most – with one skyrocketing by over 4,000%

New research can today reveal the crypto transaction fees which increased the most, with Dogecoin seeing an increase of over 4,000%!

The research, from Forex Suggest, revealed the coins with the most competitive rates, and those that have seen their fees rise the most since January 2021, investigating trends across the cryptocurrency market.

Dogecoin saw the biggest increase in transfer fees, rising by 4,230% over the course of the year. This meme coin has experienced a rise in popularity, with billionaire Elon Musk stating that it’s one of the only three cryptocurrencies he owns!

Ripple comes in second, with the cost of transaction fees rising by 3,810%! Despite the surprising increase, Ripple continues to have lower fees compared to most of its competitors – its average transaction fee is $0.00649.

Coming in third is Blackcoin, the cryptocurrency with the 3rd-lowest transaction fees. Blackcoin has seen a price rise of 1,886%, which might threaten its low-fee USP.