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Monthly Archives: January 2022

Team17 to launch MetaWorms NFTs

Team17 has partnered with Reality Gaming Group to create high quality, low energy consuming, Worms NFT collectibles, giving fans the chance to own a unique piece of video game memorabilia. The limited edition ‘MetaWorms’ NFTs will encompass content from across the 26-year history of the

How does healthcare in 10 popular expat countries measure up?

After a long period of travel uncertainty, many people are now revisiting their plans to relocate abroad. With the global pandemic highlighting just how important accessible healthcare is, health policies should be something expats factor in to their relocation decision. Healthcare can differ hugely depending

National Storytelling Week: Its the WAY you tell it

Storytelling is an art form that dates back almost 36,000 years, demonstrating our inherent ability to reflect on life events and narrate fictional tales. It is a powerful tool to capture an audience, gain different perspectives and entertain the masses. However, it is called an

Top ISA myths and the truth

With today being the deadline for self-assessment tax payments, many people will now start thinking about how to make the most of their remaining savings and put them into a tax wrapper. ISAs can be one route to achieve this so we’ve shone a light