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Daily Archives: February 4, 2021

REVEALED: The 90s Eyebrow Slit is back

Around the world, men are well and truly in the centre of a glow up revolution. Some beauty trends have come and gone with seasons, while others have become a staple within our daily routines. By analysing hundreds of beauty-related Google searches, The Body Shop have uncovered

This Is What UK Cities Are Buying for Valentines Day!

In a new study by Slotswise, Manchester and Swansea consumers have been shown to have a keen interest in sex toys for this Valentine’s Day. Using search volume for 20 popular Valentines Day gifts, Slotswise looked at data for 25 UK cities to see how they

Pandemic-proofing your investments

Today’s news about the effect oil giant Royal Dutch Shell’s losses could have on investments is clearly a concern for investors but volatility in the stock markets is nothing new. The coronavirus pandemic is likely to continue to upset the markets, but this doesn’t mean