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VEVA Collect Platform Helps Musicians Store, Share And Protect Their Work

Professional musicians – even those just launching their careers and trying to make a name for themselves – must make sure a proper and safe record is kept of anything they write, record or contribute to.

After all, credits are valuable and careful documentation can mean the difference between getting paid and getting snubbed.

Enter VEVA Collect (, a new platform from VEVA Sound that provides a way for those precious credits to be collected and stored. In addition, VEVA Collect allows musicians to safely share unreleased work with collaborators by providing storage for such files as sound demos and mixed-and-mastered projects.

“Professional musicians essentially are entrepreneurs, running a business even as they write songs, record music or perform in public,” says Deborah Fairchild, president of Nashville-based VEVA Sound (, which verifies and archives projects for clients in the music industry.

“Yes, they make music for the love of doing it, but they also need to protect what they produce. No platform helps them do their job better than VEVA Collect.”

Songwriters, producers, engineers, and publishers who use VEVA Collect are able to:

Ensure all of their credits are accurate.
Keep their files safe.
Collaborate in new ways.
Share with whom they want – but only when they want.
Build tracks and collaborate with users all over the world.
Limit access to specific collaborators – and only when they need it.