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With Summer just around the corner, many of us are starting to adjust our bedroom environments to avoid overheating. The nation has certainly started to notice the balmier weather this month, with Google searches for ‘Why do I keep sweating in my sleep?’ increasing by more than 350 per cent during the past 30 days.

Many are also preparing for the warmer nights ahead, with Google searches for ‘Lightweight duvet’ more than doubling in the past month. Temperature is a common cause of sleep disturbance, so it’s important to ensure you remain cool at night to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

Experts at Silentnight have shared their top tips on how to get some good quality shuteye during the warmer weather.

Invest in a lighter tog duvet

A simple way to avoid overheating this summer is by ensuring your duvet is appropriate for the warmer nights ahead. Consider investing in a lighter duvet, such as a 4.5 tog, to feel cool and refreshed during the warmer seasons. Silentnight’s Cooler Summer 4.5 Tog Duvet, for instance, contains breathable lightweight filling, making it an ideal option for those who are prone to overheating at night.

Close your curtains on sunny days

During the summer months, it’s a good idea to keep your bedroom curtains or blinds closed to block out sunlight, which tends to increase the room temperature. This simple hack will help to keep your room cool, making it a more comfortable sleeping environment during the warmer weather. Consider opening your bedroom window for 30 minutes before you sleep to let cool air circulate around your room.

Swap your pillow for a cooler alternative

The pillow you use at night can have an impact on your overall body temperature. Foam pillows, for instance, tend to hold onto heat and can therefore make you feel too warm during the night. Consider switching up your current pillow for a cooler alternative, which has been specially designed to keep you cool and refreshed, such as Silentnight’s Cool Touch Pillow. This pillow contains a pressure-activated cooling gel pad which provides welcomed relief to over-heaters.

Add a mattress topper for a more refreshing sleep

Mattress toppers are the perfect solution to giving your mattress a little extra comfort, while keeping your bed hygienic and clean. However, certain mattress toppers can make us feel hot and sweaty during the summer months. While providing a good level of comfort, foam mattress toppers hold onto heat and can make us feel too hot and uncomfortable at night. Silentnight’s Airmax 800 Mattress Topper, however, has been specially designed to increase airflow and provide a refreshing night’s sleep.