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Conzuri provide the latest innovations in fashion confidence to ensure that guys get to look and feel their best.

They’re on a mission to level out the playing field in a world where beauty-enhancing products are aimed specifically at women, and men are given nothing.

A small boost can make the world of difference, and using elevated shoes or insoles can help to maximize confidence, improve dating life or meet the all-mighty 6ft threshold.

V2 Cloud Runners (2.4″ Boost) (£134.99) with 2.4″ inches of extra height built-in to the shoe itself you can enjoy maximum confidence when you’re on the move. Customers can experience the benefits of being taller whilst knowing nobody can expose their secret.

West High 1 (2.5″ Boost) (£72.99) cream colour-way adds class and style to a sneaker that not only boosts height but goes perfectly with any casual outfit you choose. An street-inspired fashion statement, with 2.5″ inches of extra height to go with it.

2.0″ Elevation (5cm) (£38.99) two insoles that are easy to use, extremely comfortable and breathable. Designed to slip into anyone’s favourite pair of trainers for an extra height boost without anyone knowing.