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Security experts rank the top five video doorbells on the market right now

With the country being in lockdown for the best part of 8 months, new data has revealed over 64% of burglaries took place whilst residents were in their home over the last year, prompting a recent spike in security equipment sales.

Security retailers, recorded an increase search for video doorbells, by 21%* compared to the previous year and as the UK entered their first lockdown in March 2020, Safe saw a whopping 665%* increase in sales compared to March 2019.

To help Brit’s feel secure in their home, Safe has highlighted the myths and misinformation many homeowners and renters have recently asked. Google Search data has found, 22,000* have searched “Which is the best video doorbell?” on average per month since 2020, supported by a 90% increase in searches for “How to prevent burglaries?” last month alone.

Pledging to keep the nation safe, has analysied the top five video doorbells on the market right now:

Ring Video Doorbell 3


Can be mounted anywhere, providing the perfect solution for no-contact transactions.
It sends high quality HD video footage with night vision, so people can see who’s at the door, day or night.
There is a microphone and speaker to hear talk back through.
An upgrade from the Ring 2, the 3rd generation offers adjustable motion zones, so random motion detection notifications can be cut down.
It can exclude certain sections from recording, which addresses certain privacy concerns too.
Ideal for renters as it’s battery powered.
Is available standalone, with Chime pack or Chime Pro.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro


Differs from its siblings in that it offers pre-roll recording. Meaning that the camera begins recording four seconds before the doorbell button is pressed, which could help provide context to videos.
It’s powered using existing doorbell wiring, so it’s not as convenient for renters to use. However, being hard-wired does mean that it doesn’t need battery maintenance.
Also available with Chime.

Imou Wired Smart


One of the most affordable options when it comes to smart doorbells, but still offers all the usual expected features.
It is a mains-powered video doorbell that sends smartphone alerts when someone presses the bell, where the user can then communicate with the visitor.
Includes motion-detection which will alert when movement is detected.
It allows for local recording via an SD card, so there’s no need to pay for a cloud subscription, keeping costs low.
Available with chime.



Ideal for those who are more design-focused, it has three different colours, including white which makes it an alternative to the usual black, silver or grey.
It includes super HD 3-megapixel video footage with night vision to see who is at the door both day and night.
As with many smart video doorbells, an app is needed. The advantage of the EZVIZ app is that it can also include smart wi-fi cameras, floodlight cameras, and other connected EZVIZ devices, allowing the full home security hub to be managed in one place.
It needs to be hardwired into an existing doorbell power supply or plugged in to the nearest socket.















Asec Smart


Alerts are instantly received.
It’s Battery powered, making it perfect for renters.
The doorbell connects to a smartphone or tablet, allowing the user to hear and speak to visitors at ease.
It’s also weather resistant and comes with Infrared LED vision, meaning a person can clearly be seen approaching the door.
The batteries are rechargeable by USB, but it can also be hard wired too.