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Searches for Emma Watson explode by 233% globally as Harry Potter reunion is announced

Searches for Emma Watson explode globally after release of trailer and photos from the upcoming reunion go viral, revealing she is the favourite to return to Hogwarts. The pictures released show a sneak preview of the cast reuniting 20 years later, reminiscing of their memories on set. Since the announcement searches for ‘Harry Potter Reunion’ have spiked massively and of people searching where they will be able to watch the reunion, according to google data.

A study by printing experts Printique using Google data, looked at which of the cast we were most excited to see return to Hogwarts. Emma Watson was in first place globally with 4.98 million searches in the past 30 days. Whereas in The UK Robert Pattinson had seen the biggest volume of searches since the announcement putting in him first place in the UK, but in second place globally.

Harry Potter himself came in third place with an astonishing 2.37 million searches in the past 30 days, with Tom Felton following in fourth place with 1.94 million searches.

A Spokesperson for Printique commented on the findings: “It’s fascinating to see how just from a release of photographs and a trailer how much nostalgia it has brought back to people. It has enchanted generations and we all look forward to watching our favourite characters spend time again at Hogwarts.”