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SEA LIFE shares its plant-eating piranhas this Veganuary!

Whilst we all deal with the early struggle of keeping up with our New Year’s resolutions, including Veganuary, SEA LIFE has announced some of their inhabitants are doing swimmingly well at keeping up 2022 commitments.

At several SEA LIFE centres across the UK and Ireland, pacus, a relative of the piranha family known for their love of meat, are attracting attention for their more evolved, green lifestyle.

In fact, during Veganuary, pacus are channelling the thought “fish are friends, not food”. Due to their natural habitat, the omnivore fish have progressed over time to eat more fruit, seeds, nuts and grains due to the wide availability found within their waters.

Whilst us humans are counting down the days until January pledges are complete, the healthy pacus are leading the way on how to live happy, long, and healthy lives throughout the SEA LIFE centre.

Even though piranhas are renowned for their vicious bite, SEA LIFE has revealed this specific relative to the piranhas aren’t going to snap – in more ways than one! Pacus are omnivores and will eat fish if necessary, however this month this freshwater fish is focusing on a greener diet of plants and grains!

Pat Ó Súilleabháin, SEA LIFE Bray’s General Manager said: “Here at SEA LIFE, we know just how hard it is to keep up with those New Year’s resolutions, whether that be more exercise, taking up a new hobby or eating healthier.

“However, we’ve been able to find a new source of inspiration this year, as we home the amazing pacus at several centres. Unlike the better-known infamous fish-eating piranhas, these freshwater creatures are setting an example for its healthy diet. Instead, for Veganuary, our pacus will be taking a bite of fresh fruit and other aquatic vegetables – ensuring they get their five-a-day!”

SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth, Brighton, Bray and Hunstanton are home to these unlikely Veganuary icons, to visit your local site please head to the SEA LIFE website here: