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New Stromer ST5 with Blubrake ABS wins the 2021 iF Design Award

A S-Pedelec with a fully frame-integrated ABS system that combines design, functionality and safety: the new Stromer ST5 ABS is equipped with the anti-lock braking system by Blubrake – increased safety with no compromise on design. The forward-looking solution of the Swiss company won the prestigious 2021 iF Design Award.

Design that enhances functionality and safety. In short, the very essence of the Stromer ST5 ABS, the pedal-assist bike of the S-Pedelec category that deserved the 2021 iF Design Award thanks to its unique, exclusive style and to the seamless integration of an ABS system. While delivering on their design promises with clean and contemporary lines, the Swiss engineers cut no corner in terms of safety: Stromer ST5 ABS is the first S-Pedelec in the world equipped with Blubrake ABS, fully frame-integrated and completely stealth.

AN AWARD-WINNING DESIGN. Stromer’s extreme attention to detail and bike design has been awarded with the international 2021 iF Design Award in the category Discipline Product. A recognition that Blubrake is proud to be able to feel as their own: «We have contributed to the safety of the Stromer ST5 ABS without marring its design – commented Fabio Todeschini, Founder and General Manager of Blubrake – We take pride in what the iF Design Award acknowledges: that Blubrake’s ABS system makes it possible to design an e-bike with strong safety-conscious technologies while allowing manufacturers to stay true to their own stylistic code.»

STROMER ST5 ABS. The ST5 is the top-spec model of Stromer’s S-Pedelec category, i.e. e-bikes with a maximum assisted speed of 45km/h. Exclusive high-end components and stylish design to assure high performance and excellent riding dynamics: these are just some of ST5’s impressive array of features. As for 2021, Stromer takes a further step forward: the ST5 will be equipped with an integrated anti-lock braking system (ABS), supplied by Italian company Blubrake: added safety for daily commutes.

Blubrake and Stromer’s teams have joined forces to deliver a fully integrated solution to the rider, who can now interact with the ABS directly from the touchscreen display on the bike. ST5 will be available in stores starting June.