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I don’t beLEAF it: Experts reveal how many houseplants are needed to offset the CO2 emissions of your household appliances

Combining news of the UK government’s commitments to cut carbon emissions by 78% by 2035, with the search volume of “house plants” and related phrases on google increasing by 114%, has used research data to provide an expert study on the number of houseplants needed to offset the CO2 emissions of your household appliances and the results are kind of a big dill…

Our results show that on average, a houseplant will absorb 0.0647875 CO2 emissions (kg) per year. This means, in total, you would need an average of 12,626 houseplants to offset the emissions of just 10 household appliances. 

Emitting around 159 kg of CO2 emissions per year, the electric tumble dryer uses the most energy and requires a total of 2454 houseplants to offset its CO2 emissions. However, gas ovens emit the least amount of energy, requiring only 587 houseplants to offset its CO2 emissions for the year.

The Prayer plant is the most energy-efficient household plant to buy, absorbing around 0.0977105 of CO2 (kg) in 1 year.

Here’s the breakdown of the number of houseplants you would need to have in your house to convert the CO2 emissions of your appliances into oxygen. To check out the full post, click the link below.

Household appliance CO2 emissions (kg) per year Number of Plants Needed
Washing machine 51 787
Microwave 39 602
Kettle 73 1127
Gas oven 38 587
Electric tumble dryer 159 2454
Gas hob 71 1096
Electric oven 91 1405
Dishwasher 51 787
Fridge-Freezer 116 1790
Electric hob 129 1991


With the average Brit buying 2 houseplants each year, we understand that this is not the most practical method of reducing our carbon footprints, unless you want to live in a jungle!