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The number of people infected by Covid-19 is a largely irrelevant statistic. It doesn’t tell us what we need to know. What we need to know is ‘who is Covid-19 actually killing?’!

When I look at the statistics from the UK Government, they are very hard to decipher. However, from the information I did manage to find, there have been around 45,000 deaths in the UK with 30,000 of these deaths in care homes (still not sure if this is from within nursing homes or hospices), since the pandemic reached our shores.

Of the 15,000 people left who have died, 90.4% of these had underlying conditions, that means serious chronic conditions which are already life threatening.

Therefore, we are left with a very sad loss of life of 9.6% of the deaths from getting COVID-19 – 1,500 people who have actually died unexpectedly from the effects of COVID-19. A percentage of these deaths are over the age of 60. The ‘unexpected’ deaths, in the county in which I live, Hertfordshire, probably amounts to 30 people ‘unexpectedly’ dying from Covid-19, from March to November 2020.

In the same period, I know of three people whose lives were taken unexpectedly from other events: a motorbike accident and two heart attacks. This very sadly is the deal we have by being alive! There’s a chance of death. We are organic beings. We are vulnerable.

We should, as a nation, be focusing our support on those ultra-vulnerable families, instead of jeopardising everyone’s livelihoods with repeated, damaging and non-sensical nationwide lockdowns. This really aggravates me about ‘The Covid-19 State’ in 2020. while we are increasingly blind-sided by the pandaemonium created by the lockdowns and watching the economy free fall, the people who are genuinely vulnerable are being forgotten.

The extremely vulnerable people who should be virtually imprisoned in their homes and intensively supported by their family and the NHS are, like the rest of us, still having to go out in the community to get food in and organise their lives. Lockdown rules should be reserved for these really vulnerable while the rest of us should be able to remain focused on truly supporting those people and keeping the wheels of the economy moving.

Finally, what I hate about The Covid-19 State is the swift ability of the Government to turn a democratic, apparently free nation into a highly-controlled state with the army on the street set to test us all.

The PM warned: “We need to suppress the virus now, and as for that minority who may continue to flout the rules, we will enforce those rules with tougher penalties and fines of up to £10,000….We will put more police out on the streets and use the army to backfill if necessary.”

Hitler’s speeches sounded identical at the dawn of his Fascist state. Today we have a seemingly good justification for our lives being controlled by scientists predictions. Scientists who, in the main, seem to be making it up as they go along. The scientists do not have all the answers – that much is clear. Buried deep in all the statistics there must be clear answers to how policy should be developed but we currently seem rudderless. As a Jewish person, having had half my family murdered in the holocaust, I hear hauntings of those times in 1930s, in Covid-19-linked propaganda which continues to rob us of vital freedoms and put us increasingly at the mercy of the state.

On the basis of those ever-changing findings, our livelihoods have been endangered, our liberties cast to the wind, the army deployed onto our streets to ‘protect us’. My life is mine to save. Leave it to me to do the right thing. That is the free world we have fought for, for the whole of the 20th century.

Degard FRSA. RCA