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Missing out on a good night’s sleep can have a massive impact on your working day. Without it, it’s difficult to maintain cognitive skills throughout the day, causing your mind to wander.

Chronic sleep deprivation is common in the workplace, as the time spent at the office is getting longer, with many people experiencing irregular sleep patterns and disturbances.

Although difficult to combat, following a few simple steps can help you get the hours you need, keeping your productivity high throughout the working day.

Silentnight’s sleep expert, Hannah Shore, said: “Many business owners are increasingly aware of the impact lack of sleep can have on the health and wellbeing of their employees, which in turn result in a knock-on implication for productivity.

“There can be many reasons why an employee is experiencing poor sleep, such as stress, health issues, lifestyle habits and everyone’s favourite caffeine. Whatever the cause, prioritising sleep will result in a better workday.

“On average, its recommended that people receive seven to nine hours each night, but this varies from person to person. The body thrives when it’s in sync with its circadian rhythm, meaning creating a successful sleep pattern is important. Typically, this involves establishing a realistic bedtime and wake up time and sticking to it as often as possible. This will help you wake up each morning feeling alert and ready to conquer the working day.

“Many people work behind a screen, exposing themselves to bright light day in day out. Blue light will disrupt circadian rhythms and regulation the hormone melatonin, which makes people feel tired. Turning off any devices at least one hour before bed helps the body’s ability to prepare for sleep and wake up feeling well rested.

“Improving your sleep revolves around fostering good habits and creating a great sleep environment, optimising your chances of an undisturbed sleep and productivity at work. Consider a sleeping mask to block out any sharp light, earplugs to eliminate noise and find a temperate that regulates the body temperature.

“If you’re experiencing sleeping difficulties and have tried many solutions without success, it may be time to look at your mattress. Dependent of the type of mattress or pillow, whether that be because of the age of the product or the support it offers your body, this can all play a part in having poor sleep. This issue won’t just cause problems at night but affect your work ability and most likely cause physical pain throughout the day.'”

Positive changes to your sleep habits won’t happen with magic overnight. It takes a lot of practise and patience to find the perfect sleep routine to suit your lifestyle. Silentnight’s sleep unique feature uses intelligent algorithm that takes body measurements and sleeping habits to recommend your perfect mattress, so you can sleep soundly, feel your best and improve productivity at work.”