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Daily Archives: March 18, 2022


ONE of the business world’s leading recruitment figures has said power in the recruitment market is shifting to employees as companies are struggling to hold on to talent. Corporate headhunter Monica Lagercrantz, co-founder and CEO of BoardClic, said finding people who are passionate about what

Emmanuelle Khanh & Maitrepierre collaborate for AW22 / 23

Having become an iconic accessory in the Maitrepierre wardrobe, “Le Peigne” reappears this season in a stunning new colour option. The couture solar model is evolved in a deep, luxurious and joyful pearly pink. Eva Gaumé, artistic director of the House continues her creative collaboration

Freedom Boxes Ukrainian aid effort gathers pace

A humanitarian mission launched within 24 hours of the conflict breaking out in Ukraine is delivering thousands of boxes of essential items and collecting refugees at the Ukraine/Poland border to bring them to safety in the Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland. Freedom Boxes has been