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Daily Archives: March 2, 2022

New mint green DuraOcean® launches for summer 2022!

Made from 3.5kgs of recycled ropes and nets from the maritime industry, to-date the ground-breaking DuraOcean® chair from LifestyleGarden® has helped to recycle over 240,000kgs (240 tonnes) of ocean plastic. Now, contemporary trend lovers across the country will be pleased to hear that there is

Retailers turn-up the heat to stay competitive

Price matching practices are becoming more exhaustive as retailers turn-up the heat on one another to stay ahead as the cost of living increases. An ever growing number of retailers are subscribing to Exhaustive Price Matching (EPM) – a new innovative service which allows retailers

What Is ‘Love Bombing’?

Expert Comment From Boundaries Expert & Life Coach Michelle Elman What is Love Bombing? Love bombing is a manipulation technique where someone bombards you with romantic gestures, sentiments, gifts and affections. They often have no intention of following through and are trying to hook you