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Monthly Archives: September 2021

The best locations for new-build availability by the sea

The latest research from Warwick Estates has revealed which coastal locations offer the most new-build availability for those looking to buy by the seaside. Warwick Estates analysed new-build availability across 45 of the best coastal towns across the nation based on the number of new

The Ultimate Last-Minute Summer Skin Guide

Despite a somewhat disappointing summer, this week Britain is experiencing a heat wave which will see temperatures hitting highs of 29C. With sunshine aplenty and most getting themselves outside to enjoy the warmer weather before we are faced with winter, it remains important to protect

Bioviolence: How the powers that be make us do what they want

Syria-ISIS-Grenfell-COVID-Trump. Guantanamo-Aylan-Harambe-Begum-George Floyd. Ten horrible years. Ten shocking events. One word: Bioviolence. The story of our decade for anyone asking WTF just happened? Summer 2021. A week after ‘Freedom Day,’ in the midst of the ‘pingdemic.’ The British nation is in a state of existential