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Daily Archives: September 9, 2021


These are no ordinary pencils. Zero-waste and made from 100% natural materials including sustainably harvested cedar wood, graphite and clay, these pencils sprout into bee-friendly flowers after use. Use the pencils as usual and when they become too small to write with, flip them around

Covid-19 has reduced the gender working hours gap

The COVID-19 pandemic has reduced the gender gap in the number of hours worked in paid employment, according to new research by the University of Cologne. “The study, conducted by Professor Marita Jacob and her team together with the Institute for Employment Research (IAB), looked

Post Pandemic Dating: Secrets from a leading Sexologist

What is the state of Britain’s dating scene post-pandemic? With dating and meeting new people now given the green light, greetings card marketplace, have spoken to clinical sexologist, Katie Lasson and top dating expert, James Preece and polled1 Brits to figure out how they’re