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8 year old, Saina from Park Road Sale Primary School, Manchester, wins first prize and PlayStation PS4 in UK Summer maths challenge

8 year old, Saina from Park Road Sale Primary School, Manchester, is celebrating winning first prize and a new generation PlayStation PS4 in the Mathletics Summer Exploration Journey, a four week maths challenge designed to counteract learning loss during the Summer holidays and to help fill gaps in learning caused by school closures during lockdown.

Year 3 winner, Saina, said, “I really enjoyed completing the gaming and real-life maths challenges in the Mathletics Summer Exploration Journey – it was so much fun! I love maths and can’t wait to try out my prize – I can’t believe I’ve won a PS4!”

Graham Frickers from 3P Learning, creators of Mathletics, explained, “The past 18 months with lockdowns and school closures have been especially tough on our children, and many kids have suffered learning loss. To counteract it we teamed up with PlayStation to create the Summer Exploration Journey and support our children, helping them to fill the gaps in their maths knowledge and understanding, at the same time as honing their maths skills through fun online gaming and real-life maths challenges.”

Over 44,300 Year 3 – Year 8 children registered to take part in the student-led ‘missions’, completing their choice of a variety of online challenges – including live games where children from all around the globe pitted their maths skills against each other in friendly competition – as well as real world problem solving. The most thoughtful and unique solutions from each year received the amazing PlayStationPS4 prize.

Commenting on the competition, Claire Walmsley, Headteacher, Park Road Sale Primary, said “We’re so proud of Raina, she’s a real star! All of our children absolutely loved taking part in the Summer Exploration Journey. Mathletics is a fantastic way to strengthen their maths skills and help fill gaps in their learning.”