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Vegan Orders Rocket 115% In The Past Year According To New Deliveroo Data

Far from a fleeting fad, veganism has taken the UK by storm in recent years – and according to Deliveroo, it’s not slowing down any time soon. The British food-delivery company has revealed that since World Vegan Month last year, orders of plant-based dishes on the platform have risen by a massive 115%.

Deliveroo now has over 10,000 vegan and vegan friendly restaurants available on the platform across the UK. According to the food-delivery company, the cities with the most vegan orders per capita this year are Brighton, Bristol, London, Manchester and Edinburgh.

Last year the food delivery company identified the growing popularity of imitation meats as the hottest new vegan category – something that has taken off again this year, making it into the majority of Deliveroo’s most popular vegan dishes ordered on the platform across the UK in the past month:

  1. Acai Berry Bowl from Juicebaby (London, Notting Hill)

  2. Sneaky Clucker from Oowee Vegan (Bristol)

  3. New York Melt from The Vurger Co (Brighton)

  4. Sweet Potato Kiri Hodi from Mildreds (London, Camden)

  5. Doner Kebab Wrap from What the Pitta  (Brighton)

  6. Neat Burger from Neat Burger (London, Whitechapel)

  7. Father Jack Burger from Biff’s Vegan Burgers & Wingz (Manchester)

  8. Vegan Gyros Wrap from The Athenian Plant Based (Nottingham)

  9. Quinoa Taco from by CHLOE (London, Oxford Circus)

  10. The One and Only, Parmigiana Party from Purezza (London, Camden)


According to Deliveroo, the company has made huge improvements to their tagging system this year in response to the growing demand for vegan food and increasing number of restaurants offering plant-based options. Two new tags: “Vegan” for fully plant-based restaurants and “Vegan Friendly” for those offering at least one vegan main are now readily available dietary filters that customers can use on the app.

Elena Devis, Commercial Manager and Vegan Category Lead, Deliveroo said, ‘It’s fantastic to see that Deliveroo customers are embracing the growing choices of vegan dishes available on the platform. Year on year we’ve seen huge growth in demand for plant-based food, and it is our goal as a company to be the go-to platform for healthy and vegan options’.