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Struggling With Rising Living Costs? Prioritise Your Bills The Right Way

Rent or mortgage repayments
Your home should take number one priority, ensuring you have a roof over your head. Keeping up with your rent or mortgage payments will mean you don’t have to deal with the stressful prospect of an eviction, leaving you and your family in a difficult situation with little warning.

Council tax
Failure to pay your council tax bills can lead to serious repercussions. Your local council has the capability to take you to court and if they can prove that you are in a position to pay, it can lead to a prison sentence. Being a council issued bill, they are in a much stronger position to enforce payment so you should be sure to stay on top of these payments.

Electricity & gas
If you fall behind on electricity and gas payments, you may find your household supply cut off until you have repaid your debts. Before your supplier is able to leave you without gas or electricity, they must provide you with a written warning seven days prior which gives you the chance to pay or set up a payment plan.

Phone & internet
Failure to pay your phone or internet contract will mean your supplier is in a position to cut off your supply but this does not tend to be a main priority. Unless you are reliant on these services for medical conditions, work or safety reasons, getting back on track following struggles with finances tends to be easier than with more crucial bills.

TV licence
Being the least of a necessity, your TV licence is not likely to be an essential service so cutting this off when you are struggling to pay bills is a recommended first step. However, if you continue watching live TV or streaming online TV services without a valid TV licence, you will be liable for a fine of up to £1,000.