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Peak period beckons for students on the move

A storage solutions company has recorded a 400 per cent increase in bookings ahead of the peak period for student accommodation moves.

LOVESPACE says June is the critical month in the academic calendar for students either returning home from university, choosing a gap year or preparing for the new year in September.

Hundreds of thousands of students will be on the move across the UK as the university sector seeks to recover to pre-pandemic levels before campuses fell silent during COVID.

Storage is becoming an increasingly attractive option for students and their families. It not only saves a trip to collect personal belongings, but it also saves a trip on the way back which benefits the environment and can lead to potential carbon savings by storing locally.

A spokesperson for LOVESPACE said: “Picking up your children from university is a pain for parents and carers and with the rising cost of fuel, a storage collection and delivery service is a more convenient option.

“We expect the numbers to top their pre-pandemic records because of the increased number of students back on campus this academic year.”

UCAS figures for the 2021 academic year showed a five per cent annual increase in people applying to university with more than 600,000 seeking a higher education place. It is an increasingly competitive environment with UCAS anticipating a million applicants by 2026.

LOVESPACE believe demand will increase with parents and carers weighing up the cost of travelling across the UK to collect their offspring and belongings, factoring in the rising cost of fuel. LOVESPACE thinks smart storage solutions can act as a ‘stress reliever’ during this hectic period.

Its collection and delivery service is convenient and the company also offers a ‘storage by the box’ service which allows customers to only pay for what they use, instead of using traditional methods like renting an entire storage unit which can be costly and inefficient.

Simply choose the number of boxes needed and how long they need to be stored for and LOVESPACE will organise the pickup and drop off, as well as supply the packing materials.

A spokesperson for LOVESPACE said: “Every year we have experienced a surge in orders over a six week period beginning from the first week of June. This year in particular we’re expecting an unprecedented movement of students following the pandemic.

“After life on campus ground to a halt for a period of two years, students have been back this academic year in full force, so this summer thousands of students will be on the move. When parents factor in the cost of fuel, renting a van and potentially taking time off work, moving can become an expensive affair.

“Traditional self-storage methods can be a costly solution as often you pay for an entire unit and not for what you actually use, as well as having to arrange transport. With our service we charge by the box, so you’re only paying for the space you use, and we offer free collection.

“If students are returning to the city – whether that’s for post/undergraduate study or to start their career – we suggest putting items such as winter clothes, kitchen utensils and books into storage ready for September. Every year we always get our fair share of giant teddy bears, so think about putting these items into storage too.

“Doing this can save parents from having to do multiple trips and for international students, it means a significant reduction in shipping fees. Our primary goal is for students to be able to properly focus on their exams, and for parents not to have a last minute stress-fuelled scramble.”