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Little Red Riding Hood with an Urban Twist – Designer Patrick Joseph

A digital fashion presentation took place on Saturday, February 20, 2021, for Designer Patrick Joseph whom presented a limited edition Fall/Winter 2021 collection. This was shown via London Fashion Week Fashion Scout, at 13:45 UK;

Pre-pandemic, fashion goers were afraid of colours in the winter, yet in today’s urban industry, vibrant colours enlighten the world. Designer Patrick Joesph represented current fashion trends with graphic prints blasting through with asymmetrical and straight lines, along with high & low hooded jackets. Previously called ‘tee lengths,’ these hooded masterpieces dominated his creativity this season.

Patrick Joseph’s limited edition collection was inspired by the liberation movements amongst the struggles the LGBT community faced in the late 70’s & early 80’s. Gender fluidity was the focus, the ultimate goal bringing down barriers of homophobia & sexism. The collection was futuristic with vibrant colours, elaborate prints & a smooth twist on the colour-blocking trend, inspired by an era integral to the advancement of today’s society.