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Handmade English couture tailored specifically to you

Angelo Fair main de maître is a couture brand based in London. Angelo’s painterly style combines the femininity and drapery of French dressmaking with the severity and structure of English tailoring.

Angelo’s work merges creativity and skill as he drapes, cuts, fits and hand sews all his own couture prototypes. All client orders are handmade. Every prototype is a unique piece that’s made to measure only with a limited edition of each style.

View The Beautiful Melody collection online and contact via their website for enquiries. A couple of stand-out items from the collection include:

Andalusian Dress: This revealing asymmetrical tulle dress is designed to stand out. It has beautifully-moulded golden marguerite yellow flounce covering the top shoulder and is complimented by a voluminous, crisp, white, sculpted zibeline drape covering the lower right side of the body.

Belarus ballet jacket: A beautiful silhouette with an innovative cut, the Belarus ballet jacket is a lovely couture piece in lively yellow and blue colours. The look is embellished with handmade silk dupion lilies.

All client orders are handmade in the firm’s atelier to ensure each garment will not only be one of a kind but fits perfectly and is made to the highest standards.