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Global interest in NBA grows by 1150% over the last year

Data presented by Safe Betting Sites indicates that the global interest in the keyword ‘NBA’ has spiked by 1150%. The surge in searches was recorded over the last year.

NBA’s popularity continues to grow worldwide

By the week ending August 23, 2020, the keyword ‘NBA’ had a peak popularity score of 100 on the search engine platform Google. Last year, by the week ending September 1st, the term ‘NBA’ had a popularity score of 8.

Notably, between the week ending March 8 and March 15 this year, the interest dropped sharply by 74.35%. During this period, the NBA was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In recent years, the NBA has been growing in popularity due to several factors. According to the research report:

“In general, the NBA has become more exciting thanks to big rivalries on the court, embracing social media, and the speed of the game. The NBA is now even popular in countries such as China. The league has capitalized on this popularity to open NBA stores and give overseas fans a new experience. ”

The research also overviewed countries that registered the highest search volume for the keyword ‘NBA’. The Bahamas had a peak popularity score of 100.

Elsewhere, the United States and Australia recorded some of the least search volumes at 20. Some interests also originated from Asia.