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Football shirt sponsorships in Europe for season 2022/2023 – breakdown by industry

In the latest weekly report and analysis SportingPedia decided to look into the principal shirt sponsorship deals across the top five European football leagues. Our interest in this topic was triggered by the recent discussions in the UK regarding a potential ban on shirt sponsorship deals involving gambling companies, proposed by the Premier League.

We gathered a list with the shirt principal sponsors of all 98 football clubs from the top 5 European leagues for the upcoming 2022/2023 season. Our team separated the companies that will appear as principal sponsors into 14 different groups based on the nature of their business.

The companies from Gambling, Online Trading, and Car Retail industries are investing the most into the top 5 European leagues. They are responsible for injecting money into 30 of the 98 clubs across the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and the Bundesliga. The other sectors aiming at display on football shirts are Food and Beverage (F&B) (9.2%), Travel (8.2%), Technology (7.1%), Real Estate (7.1%), and Finance (7.1%).

Principal football shirt sponsorship deals per league for the upcoming 22/23 season

Below you can find detailed tables about each team’s principal shirt sponsor per league.

Premier League

The Gambling industry has the lion’s share of the Premier League shirt sponsorship deals, as 8 companies from that industry have contracts for the upcoming season. That represents 40% of the all deals and the number can only grow bigger, as Nottingham are yet to announce а sponsorship deal. Of the leading industries, only companies from the Food and Beverage sector are thus far avoiding investments in Premier League clubs.

La Liga

In Spain, the companies from the Food and Beverage sector dominate, sponsoring 4 La Liga teams, which is exactly 20% of all sponsorship deals. Car Retailer company Cazoo has secured deals with 2 clubs – Real Sociedad and Valencia.

All of the 9 leading economy branches investing in football have secured a sponsorship deal with an elite Spanish team. Real Estate firms’ logos will emerge on the shirts of 3 sides.

Serie A

Trading-oriented businesses are overshadowing all of the competition in the Italian football league, as there are 4 teams receiving sponsorship money for wearing such brands’ logos on their shirts, acconting for 20% of the deals. You will not notice a Gambling brand name on any of the teams’ shirts, as it is prohibited by the law.


The Car Retail and Insurance industries lead the way in Germany, injecting money into 3 clubs each, which account for approximately 17% of the football clubs there. Companies from all industries, except Gambling, Home Decorations, and Energy, have signed a shirt sponsorship contract with at least 1 Bundesliga football club.

Ligue 1

In France, companies involved in the Real Estate business are sponsoring 3 teams, which represents the biggest share – 15%. After digging deeper, we found out that there is no Telecommunication company sponsoring any of the 20 Ligue 1 teams. Out of the five biggest football leagues in Europe,France is the only one where there is no representative of the Telecom giants among clubs’ shirt sponsors.