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CARDI B: Searches for WHIPSHOTS skyrocket 3,278% after announcement

Analysis of Google search data reveals that online searches for ‘WHIPSHOTS’ exploded 3,278% worldwide on December 1st, after Cardi B took to Instagram to announce her new line of vodka infused whipped cream ahead of the festive season.

A new finding by kitchen experts Maxima Kitchen Equipment reveals that online interest for Whipshots skyrocketed to 32 times the average volume in one hour, an unprecedented spike in interest, whilst the term ‘alcohol whipped cream’ rose by 1,150% highlighting Cardi B’s influence.

A spokesperson for Maxima Kitchen Equipment commented on the findings:

“These findings give a fascinating insight into the influence a big name, such as Cardi B can bring to a product, particularly ahead of the Christmas season. What is interesting about this launch is that the company that is producing Whipshots are the only company in the US with a license to manufacture aerosols in a distillery.

This will prove to be incredibly lucrative for the rap star as we head into the festive season with the product being purchased as a gift as well as an item that can be used alongside numerous Christmas recipes and Christmas styled cocktails.”