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Daily Archives: September 1, 2023

The Pankhurst Centre celebrates Heritage Open Days

Manchester’s Pankhurst Centre is getting creative for this year Heritage Open Days, with inspirational poetry workshops and a trail that will take young visitors on a rhyming journey through the museum. Poetry at the Pank takes place on Friday 8 September and Friday 15 September

Ukraine/Russia: New history textbook is a blatant attempt to unlawfully indoctrinate school children in Russia and Russian-occupied Ukrainian territories

A new history textbook which, amongst other things, justifies Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine as a legitimate act of self-defence and violates children’s rights to appropriate and quality education, is a dangerous attempt to indoctrinate future generations, Amnesty International said today. The textbook, which

Feline Influencers – The Most Popular Cats on the Internet

We all know the Internet was invented for one purpose—awesome cat videos—and the popularity of cats on the Internet continues to rise. From TikTok to Instagram, “cat influencers” have become some of the most fun and entertaining follows across almost all social media platforms, transplanting

Print North at Saul Hay Gallery

From 3rd until 16th September, Saul Hay Gallery in Manchester will be hosting a new exhibition showcasing printmaking in all its varied forms. Seventeen renowned artists, all of whom are from or work in the North of England, have been selected for their innovative use