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Daily Archives: June 12, 2022

86% of rental households feeling financial strain

Cost of living increase puts financial strain on 86% of rental households Research by London rental platform, Rentd, has revealed that rental cost increases have contributed to a strain on household finances for 86% of UK tenants, with many facing further cutbacks should their household

Meet the celebrities leading the thrift shop revolution

With 69% of consumers agreeing that sustainability is important when it comes to making a fashion purchase, it’s safe to say that the second hand clothing market is booming nowadays. However, it’s not just the modern-day shopper that loves to get their hands on a

Six practical tips to make your bathroom eco-friendly

Six practical tips to make your bathroom eco-friendly The bathroom might be one of the smallest rooms in the home but it can be worst for water usage and excessive plastic packaging Experts share top tips on how to make greener choices to reduce your