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Meet the celebrities leading the thrift shop revolution

With 69% of consumers agreeing that sustainability is important when it comes to making a fashion purchase, it’s safe to say that the second hand clothing market is booming nowadays.

However, it’s not just the modern-day shopper that loves to get their hands on a thrifted gem – many celebrities of today are advocates of sustainable shopping.

As part of their Thrifting Capitals of the World campaign, the team at Betway have provided a roundup of the stars that proudly thrift shop, or have been spotted at the racks in a thrift shop.
Jada Pinkett Smith

Credit: @jadapinkettsmith
Jada Pinkett Smith certainly knows how to dress to impress. From her dazzling sequin numbers on the red carpet to her collection of exquisite jewellery, you would expect the actress to shop at the most luxurious fashion stores.

However, the star has been papped quite a few times at Santa Monica thrift stores with her daughter Willow. There is nothing like a mother-daughter sustainable shopping trip!
Zooey Deschanel

Credit: @zooeydeschanel

Zooey Deschanel is well-known for her quirky vintage style, and this is mainly owed to her preference to shop sustainably at thrift stores.

Her attitude towards fashion is simple: even though it’s not a new piece of clothing, it’s still new to her, so why shouldn’t she get excited about it?
Sarah Jessica Parker

Credit: @sarahjessicaparker

And just like that… thrift shopping has never been so chic thanks to Sarah Jessica Parker.

Contrary to the Fendi and all things high-end designer owned by her character Carrie Bradshaw in ‘Sex and the City’, Sarah loves paying a visit to her local thrift store and adding an assortment of second-hand items to her wardrobe.

Credit: @macklemore

Having an iconic single called ‘Thrift Shop’, are we even surprised that Macklemore is invested in sustainable shopping?

As an aspiring musician back in the day, Macklemore’s funds were low, and had no choice but to pop some tags at thrift stores. Even though he has plenty of cash on him nowadays, the rapper continues to update his wardrobe by paying a visit to thrift stores from time to time.
Eva Mendes

Credit: @evamendes

Thrift fashion on the red carpet? We love to see it!

Back in 2001, star Eva Mendes wore a $6 Goodwill dress to the premiere of ‘The Others’. Posting a throwback picture on her Instagram, she said: “I did my own hair and makeup and that’s a $6 dress from Goodwill. I’ve always loved a cheap find. Viva thrift shops”. You go, girl!

Credit: @sza

R&B sensation SZA is a massive advocate for all things vintage and second hand fashion.

Even when she’s on stage, the star ditches the flashy attire and instead makes a statement by wearing thrifted tees. Who says thrift shopping is only for those on a budget?
Drew Barrymore

Credit: @drewbarrymore

As a fun, easy-going person, Drew Barrymore loves thrift shopping and predominantly considers what a piece of clothing means sentimentally as opposed to its label.

As well as shopping in second-hand stores, Drew thrifts items for her own wardrobe and as well as her children’s.

From crop tops to neon prints, singer Lorde sports quite a bold style, on stage and on the streets.

In spite of her huge success and having quite a lot of cash to burn, she expresses a preference for shopping at thrift stores, simply because she likes to be wise with her spending and find some rare gems in the process.