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Daily Archives: May 26, 2022

Peak period beckons for students on the move

A storage solutions company has recorded a 400 per cent increase in bookings ahead of the peak period for student accommodation moves. LOVESPACE says June is the critical month in the academic calendar for students either returning home from university, choosing a gap year or

Top 10 Drink Driving Hotspots in the UK

The UK’s drink driving hotspots Study analysing five years of government data reveals the UK’s drink driving hotspots The study reveals West Midlands is the UK’s drink driving hotspot with 89.48 casualties per 100k capita 60–69-year-olds are most likely to drink and drive Males are

THE push towards more remote and hybrid forms of working is likely to see commercial property landlords becoming “more flexible” in deals they offer tenants.

Property Solicitor Paul Davies, from Harper James, says many tenants are already demanding greater flexibility in their lease-arrangements. And Mr Davies believes those demands will only increase over time as the working environment changes post Covid. He said: “Even before the pandemic, businesses were looking