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Revealed: The top 10 worst UK cities for dangerous driving

Last year, there were 131,220 road traffic casualties1 in the UK, 1,580 of which were fatal.

Roads throughout the UK are a major risk to both drivers and pedestrians alike but how many Brits knowingly break driving laws making the roads even more dangerous?

The Compensation Experts surveyed over 2,000 drivers in the UK to find out which cities are home to the most dangerous drivers in the country, from drink driving to speeding, to using your phone and more.

Bristol is the worst UK city for dangerous drivers

Out of the whole of the UK, the study can reveal that it’s Bristol roads that are home to the most dangerous drivers, followed by London, Cardiff, and Leeds. Based on the number of residents that admit to driving whilst tired, speeding, using your phone whilst at the wheel, and driving over the limit.

Whilst 97% of Brits agree that being distracted whilst driving is dangerous, still almost half (48%) admit to eating and drinking whilst driving, and 47% admit to both driving whilst being tired, and speeding.

With a third (33%) of Brits saying they’re nervous drivers and not aware of all the rules and regulations. That’s not really a surprise, considering the number of people that do commit illegal acts whilst driving.