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Wythenshawe Hospital becomes first in the UK to offer addiction treatment to all patients who smoke

For the first time anywhere in the UK, all smokers admitted to hospital in Greater Manchester will be offered intensive support and medication to help them kick their tobacco addiction.

The CURE programme has been launched today at Wythenshawe Hospital (part of Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust), on the first day of Stoptober, a nationwide stop-smoking challenge which encourages smokers to get support to quit. From now on all patients admitted to Wythenshawe Hospital will be prescribed medication to tackle their addiction to tobacco and offered intensive support to help them stay smoke-free during their stay at hospital and once they go home.

Following the initial six month phase at Wythenshawe Hospital, CURE is due to be rolled out in hospitals across Greater Manchester by 2020. As well as transforming thousands of lives, the initiative will free up thousands of hospital beds each year and save the NHS in Greater Manchester an estimated £10m a year.

CURE is modelled on a comprehensive approach to treating tobacco addiction in hospitals that has been highly effective in Canada. It is part of Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership’s Making Smoking History programme.