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Why Love Island is “a breeding ground for new influencers”

Since returning to UK screens in 2015, Love Island contestants have been a powerful force in advertising, particularly in the digital space.

Anastasia Cecchetto, 24, heads Ace Influencers, an influencer and social media marketing agency.

With her expertise in content creation, Anastasia is able to unpack Love Island’s success in producing influencers series after series.

She said: “The producers seem to have tapped into a source of inspiration that no other reality TV show has accessed before. The Love Island villa has practically become a breeding ground for new influencers.

“An unknown scaffolder comes onto the show and soon enough appears in countless commercials and works with the most desirable brands. And we love to see it.

“It has been proven many times that social media users trust influencer opinions over traditional celebrities and this has to do with relatability. It is much easier to identify with the girl next door than it is to identify with Beyonce.”

Anastasia attributes this to the show’s format as she said: “People identify with love island contestants as they are regular people, just like us! Moreover, after following their journey for many weeks we feel like we know them well. This makes them feel more accessible and helps people identify with them and trust their opinions. This is perfect for brand collaborations.

“Whilst the contestants are in the villa, friends and family often keep their social media channels up to date – uploading a range of pre-approved selfies and glimpses of the Islander’s home lives. Over time, the audience develops a bond with them and once they leave the villa they are ready to become the perfect influencer.”

Though this is where problems sometimes arise with Anastasia saying: “Love Island contestants’ rise to fame is quick and often leaves them unprepared for what’s to come.

“Contestants can win £50,000 during the show but some of the deals they get offered by brands after the show are worth more than double that. The appeal of quick endorsements, collaborations and money bigger than they have ever made in their life can sometimes be blinding.

“The new influencers can end up promoting brands they don’t believe in or slacking off during their collaborations, leaving their audience bored. Also by doing too many promotions, their audience loses trust in them.

“In other words, the contestants that once felt so genuine and authentic to us become fake. Whilst the power of Love Island contestants as influencers can be huge, their downfall can sometimes be just as fast and just as dramatic as their rise to fame.”

Anastasia emphasises the importance of remaining genuine. She added: “At Ace we make sure influencers work with brands they truly believe in. Authentic, quality content and real connections stimulate trust among audiences and deliver the best results for influencers and brands.”