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We all love to pamper our pets, and treats are the perfect way to show your furry friend just how much you love them. When it comes to treats, your dog deserves the very best, and it’s even better when those treats are naturally tasty, with none of the nasties.

Known for their fresh and tasty meals, Butternut Box has a fantastic range of fuss-free nibbles sure to delight your pup. With Naturally Tasty Treats alongside Baked Biscuits, these nutritious goodies are perfectly prepared with fresh ingredients to ensure your dogs’ health and happiness is nurtured from the inside-out, because all dogs deserve better.

Just like their meals, each treat is bursting to the brim with the vitamins and minerals every dog needs to ensure their body is ready for those fun filled days. With no nasties, no grains and no fuss, every pup can look forward to a much-needed nibble.

A perfect pairing to add that extra crunch to their favourite meals, with six flavours to choose from, you’re sure to find a suitable snack to treat your furry friend.

Naturally Tasty Fish Treats

These Naturally Tasty Treats are low in fat thanks to sustainably sourced fish. They are ideal for pooches who may need to shed a few pounds, but still deserve their midday munches. Accompanied with sweet potato, carrots, and flavoursome herbs, you’ll find nothing but natural, simple, tasty treats.

Naturally Tasty Lamb Treats

Made from freshly prepared lamb, vegetables and a handful of herbs, these treats are rich in flavour. The perfect accompaniment to your pups’ favourite meal, every bite will be packed with protein and is ideal after a long day of woof and tumble.

Naturally Tasty Duck Treats

A burst of flavour in every bite. These easy to digest treats are made from freshly prepared duck, vegetables, and herbs, bound to have them begging for more. Each treat is simple and stripped back, using ingredients that support your dog’s daily needs.