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The Water Filter Jug That Helps British Households Remove Harmful Tap Water Chemicals

According to a recent BBC study carried out by scientists at the University of Greenwich and Manchester Metropolitan University, almost half of all tap water samples taken from across England contained harmful PFAS chemicals, exceeding European safety levels.

PFAS are man made contaminants found in drinking water and increasing scientific research finds that the UK’s current water purification techniques are inadequately combatting this potentially carcinogenic substance.

Currently, the European Food Standards Agency tolerable limit of PFAS in drinking water is 2.2ng/l and out of 45 samples taken in the BBC study, 25 contained PFASs, and four had levels that exceeded 10ng/l, which, under guidelines from the UK Drinking Water Inspectorate, means local healthcare professionals are required to monitor levels.

Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the healthcare concerns surrounding prolonged intakes of PFAS which include links to high cholesterol, ulcerative colitis, thyroid disease, testicular cancer, kidney cancer, and pregnancy-induced hypertension.

With Zero Water’s breakthrough technology, households can enjoy safe water in minutes thanks to its specialist patented five-stage filter that reduces 99.6% of all total dissolved solids in drinking water.

From chlorine to pesticides, all dissolved solids are virtually eradicated with Zero Water Jug filtration, activated carbon, and oxidations reduction alloy compared to its competitor that only manages to remove up to half of unwanted substances.

With an extensive range of jugs, filters, and TDS metres to choose from at affordable prices to suit all budgets, there is no better alternative to bottled water than Zero Water.