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The struggle for opportunity: tackling the job crisis

Following an intense period of tireless studying, cramming for exams and late-night library sessions, young people are faced with the challenge of what to do next. Many of us are familiar with the phrase: “insufficient experience”, after having tirelessly applied to job applications, however, it appears the issue has escalated to crisis point.

Recent data from the House of Commons revealed that the UK’s youth unemployment rate is at its worst, with a shocking one in eight of under 25s neither working or in full-time study. Consequently, our next generation of workers are introduced to the world of employment disheartened having spent years preparing themselves for this moment. This begs a call-to-action for how we can support young adults who are about to step foot into the world of work, ensuring they are equipped to face the trials and tribulations associated with gaining employment.

MyTutor, the UK’s leading online tutoring platform, commissioned nationally representative research which found that 62% of parents agree that university is not the only path they are recommending to their child after their school career, as it is not essential for them to get a good job. Equally, 43% of parents agree that their child’s self-esteem is linked to the grades they achieve at school and university. With this in mind, the platform work hard to lend a hand to adolescents who are struggling to make their next move, by providing insights and advice from previous students on their career journey’s. The series of webinars can be found on their website at
Bertie Hubbard, co-founder of MyTutor, comments on the pastoral care the platform can provide:

“With the rise of unemployment, teens are in more need than ever for support and reassurance with their studies, and that’s exactly what our tutors offer. Our tutors are all from UK universities, and because they’re just a few years older they can easily relate to what teens are going through. With their dedicated one-to-one support, teens get some much-needed reassurance and come out with a stronger self-belief – 88% say that lessons made them feel more confident.

Rather than replacing teachers with robots, the biggest power of EdTech lies in enhancing person-to-person learning. At MyTutor, we provide online tuition that raises kids’ grades, boosts confidence and helps them fulfil their potential in life. Because it’s online, kids get access to amazing tutors from across the country, rather than whoever’s nearby. As there’s no travel for the student or the tutors, it also saves time and money travelling – reducing the cost and stress involved for parents.”